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adultchild's Journal

Childlike Adult
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This journal is for people who find in many ways they never could grow up. They are adult children. They feel as if they are a child inside an adult's body alot of the time. If you were around trauma growing up, something prevented you from easily reaching the stages of development you needed to. Perhpas your parents faught, abused you or kids made your life hell in school. Maybe you grew up feeling unloved and unwanted. There are many of us out there. PTSD is what I fight and I wanted to make a community for others who are struggling with this. Childlike Adults also have the magical side of being a child within. They may read comics, collect toys, sing in the streets and play. Come play with us. Bring your toys, smile and get ready for a hug if you need it.

Note that if your info page has no interests and you have no posts in your journal or your journal is friends only you will not be accepted automatically. If you send me
soulstorage (faeriedreamer@gmail.com)an email letting me know your interests and why you want to join then I will be able to see if you will be right for this community. I want this to be a safe place where noone is soliciting services and other irrelevant things. Anyone found to be spamming will have one warning and then they will be deleted from this community. It is not hard to get accepted to this community,,,,believe me but if you have nothing on your info page I have nothing to evaluate ok? :)

If you are accepted into this community please feel free to fill out this getting to know you questionaire Getting To Know You Questionaire or write a lil about yourself and say hi via this community.

This is really cool! :) It is a link to a certificate for the right to play from the Society for Childlike Persons . Just scroll down after you click on link and you will see a link to enter your name and print out a certificate of your very own! Be sure to read the first web page because it is adorable and really good before you click for certificate. Enjoy :) Certificate for The Right to Play