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Do you find the problem with being an adult child is you are not so great at handling the adult world and responsibilities?
I have always preferred the company of my dolls and my imagination to anything else, I relate to many of you and your words but I was never abused in the way many of you have been, although I was bullied pretty much from the moment I was put in school to the day I left, and belittled and put down by many around me, adults and children alike. I am what the ‘norm’ would probably call ‘odd’ I have never fit in with society; I have no friends, the majority can’t relate to me at all, and get annoyed with my non-conformist behaviour. I struggle with adult concepts of ‘cars, booze and sex is more interesting than cartoons, toys and theme parks’ I prefer the innocent to the sleaziness of the adult world. I’ve never had a romantic relationship that’s a grown up thing, nothing to do with me. Unfortunately I also have social anxiety and therefore have never been employed and I have no independence, I’m housebound, it’s difficult to function in a world that you are so at odds with. Do any of you suffer with similar such problems?
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