November 4th, 2010


Writer's Block: Captain Planet

If everyone had their own small planet to live on and care for (like in The Little Prince), what would your planet be like?
All kinds of wonderful trees and flowers and happy butterflies, bright colors everywhere! The trees would grow all kinds of foods including hot dogs and hamburgers or macaroni and cheese, but also healthy things like carrots and apples. Other trees would grow shoes or pretty dresses, and everyone would be born with fairy wings so they fly around with the birdies in the sky. There would be soda pop fountains, mushrooms that grow in the shapes of teapots and teacups with real tea in them, and other mushrooms would grow into tables and chairs. Stuffed animals would walk and talk and be friendly and we'd have tea parties with them (and there the only thing "tea party" means is a party with tea, no stinky 'publicans to spoil our fun).

Also there'd be crystal-clear lakes to bathe and skinny dip in, with dolphins and otters cheerfully playing nearby, that you could play with if you wanted.

And then when it started to get darker (it would never be totally dark), and therefore beddy-bye time, some of the puffy white clouds would come out of the sky and be beds for everyone until the sun came back in the morning. And the only dreams anyone would have would be sweet dreams of fun things. And everyone would be children, and never grow up, unless they want to grow up, then they can without having to leave. They'd only have to leave if they became poopyheads.

Buy a portrait of yourself by me for only $1!

This is relevant because one of the styles, the Molly style, is done by my inner child, molly_elizabeth. And you could get a portrait of yourself as the real kid you were, or the kid you want to be, if you're a little. Bigs can get portraits of their littles if said littles consent to it.

There was a time, a year or so back, that I tried cyberfunded creativity, with my Ye Olde Goldyn Appyl Presse newspaper. I was in a bad mindset at the time, probably part of why I didn't have much success. Might do YOGAP again at some point. But for now, I'll start with something smaller.

What I'm offering is this: a portrait of you. I don't promise much, I'm not great at drawing from reality. So it'll be a simple $1. And you can get either realistic style, or "Molly" style. Details below.

You can donate here.

Teal deer version: Realistic style or Molly style, just $1, primarily digital done on graphics tablet. View links below for examples of each. Some freebies included if you help spread the word in your blog(s). Extra cost if you want real-media drawing(s). Details below.


1. You can send me a digital photo of either yourself as you are or as you wish to be, from which to attempt a realistic picture of you, or do one in "Molly" style. Molly being my inner child, she draws like a child. Though she's a really good artist for 7 years old. Here is an example of Molly's style. So if you go with that style, you'll not just be getting a picture of you, but she'll probably be in it too, and there will be lots of happy animals and little details like people in the background, fairy rings, fairies, etc. All that for just $1!

2. No nudity please, unless you want to pay an extra dollar. :-D (Because whether I did a nude in my own style or in Molly's, she would doubtless be giggling madly the whole time.)

3. Pictures will be done on either Paint or GIMP with my graphics tablet, you can specify which if you have a preference (but I haven't tried Molly style in GIMP yet, no idea if it looks any good). Or I can do something in real media (pencils, paper, crayon, etc), and scan the picture to send you the digital copy, for an extra $1. Or I can do it in real media and send you the original, which would cost $3 total. (Gotta pay for shipping.) People purchasing real-media originals must include their mailing address in the special instructions.

4. If you go digital, I can either email it to you, post it in a comment, or post it on my LJ/DW. Whichever way you prefer to get it, let me know if you're okay with me sharing it on LJ and DW, because I like showing these things off. If you're not okay with that, let me know that as well. It's no big deal for me either way.

5. All options (style, which program I use, drawing in real media, etc) and your email/LJ or DW username, should be mentioned in the special instructions when you donate, since I suck at names, and I suck worse at connecting names to usernames.

6. Each additional person in a picture is an extra $1 for realistic style, a mere extra 50 cents for Molly style. Pets are free in either style. (Unless it's a picture of *just* a pet, then it's $1.)

7. I'll throw in a free printable bookmark version of the portrait (or, in case of buying a real-media original, an actual bookmark version) if you post a link to this post in your LJ or DW to help spread the word. Just send me the link to your pingback post in the special instructions when you donate.

8. People who know me in person can just give me cash for this if it's convenient. And they also get a discount on getting the original of a real-media picture, paying only $2 to own said original.

9. If you buy a Molly version, feel free to offer suggestions in the special instructions of little details to add, or setting (like tea party, playground, etc). I can't guarantee I'll be able to do, say, certain animals justice, but I will try my best.

10. For an extra 25 cents, I will include an icon version, probably a close-up.

11. People buying real-media originals can get digital copies (including icon) for an extra 50 cents. This is due to the difficulty of getting a proper scan.

12. On real-media originals, the size is (I think) 8 by 10. I do have bigger paper than that, though I forgot what size it is. Upgrades to larger paper will be free if you pass on the word in your blogs, or 25 cents otherwise.

13. Please allow a day or two for digital-only. Contact me if it takes longer than 2 days. Please allow as much as a week for real-media, and contact me if it takes longer than a week. Large orders will take more time. I will update everyone if, by some miracle, I get swamped with orders and need more time.

That is all!