October 8th, 2009

Victini 3

My Humble Introduction

I am new here and I want to introduce myself formal. I already did that introduction thing in the Community User Page, but I would like an introduction post anyway.  My name is Brandon and I am 24 year old guy but I feel like I am much more younger than that, more like 13-14.  I do like to play video games and computer games, but I like to play more of the kiddy-like stuff.  I love cartoons and I watch them daily.  I love shows like Fairy Oddparents and Pokemon. As for music, I love to listen to video game music and I am impartial on anything else.   Being a young adult confuses me because there are many thing that I don't know much more, like politics and sex in our culture and other adult things.  Feels like my life is in standstill as I sit here being confused while I am playing my games.  I feel really embarrassed to express my child-like tendencies but when I am alone, I go all out.  I have a fondness for anything cute and I would love to play stuff that have cuteness in them.  

As for the dark past, luck for me, I am not a victim of child abuse but I been a victim of bullying.  I been bullied most of my grade school and I even been bullied when I was a college at some point.  It was very harsh for me and even then those times are behind me, it does made me wonder if it had a major effect in my life, especially of these child-like tendencies  that I can keep returning to.  Then again, I do feel alone like a little child balling up in a corner.  Anyway, I don't know if it is really a fear of growing up or if I don't want to change my ways into being an adult. I like being child-like.  It does feel like a curse because I don't understand many thing yet, but I love my child-like imagination.  I express and share my imagination through my writing and my daydreaming.  It feels like my imagination haven't really changed since I was 13 so it is always have a child-like atmosphere. 

Once again, thanks for accepting into your community and I'll try my best to become a part of it.  
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