November 16th, 2008

Adorable Me

Mr. Rogers' Neighbourhood


I like Mr. Rogers alot.  Sometimes when I cry, his deep wisdom and compassion are the only things I want.  But I don't have a tv, and don't want to get one.  Is there any site online that archives Mr. Rogers episodes for download or torrent?  I keep looking and looking and can't find one.

Also, sometimes I want to play.  I just want a friend to play with.  I don't know anyone around here who I could play with.  The young adults I work with only talk about sex, drugs, and loud music.  How do you find someone who wants to build sand castles, forts, and talk with their feet in the river water?  I'm pretty lonely and tired of just computers all the time for friends who live far away.  :<

Ok, thank you.
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