June 4th, 2008


Hi Guys From Your Moderator Please Everyone Read

             I tend to not post much in this community partly cause I feel bad when people do not comment to my post. I am such a child sometimes. I wanted to welcome all new members and say hi to all old members. I am glad this community is still growing. I get new membership requests often. I do my best to screen people and have not allowed some people to join. I want this to feel like a safe place. That is my biggest aim. I want to reiterate that this is not a place for spam and content should be relevant to being an adult child (see community description in the info if you are not sure)and or ptsd.   It is a struggle trying to feel like an adult when your childhood/adolescence/teenage years were so bad you got frozen at various stages. I can feel 5 and 12 some days when I feel triggered. If anyone finds a post by anyone else offensive or triggering please email me and let me know, I send you all a big *hug* and I plan on writing some posts on here very soon. I have been really working very hard on being happier and not being so hard on myself. I hope all of you are able to or eventually will be able to nurture the child within you and give it what it needs. Child abuse is such an awful paralyzing experience and it can feel like chains binding you as you try to function in this world. I know. I was abused mentally and physically. My parents changed and now they are wonderful people who nurture me,support me,praise me. I am so thankful they changed. But I am still left with the scars. The scars that get in the way quite often of loving myself. I am trying tho and find that somedays,,, I do, Let this community help you embrace who you are and give you strength and support to become what you want. Free yourself from the chains by knowing none of what happened was your fault. You are beautiful and you are special. It is a long process... a painful one letting go...trusting yourself...putting you first (that is a big one I am working on) and accepting you can't make everyone happy with your choices and it does not make you a bad person if you do end up hurting people sometimes because you are trying to do what is best for you. Live this life as best as you can for you, You are worth it. You mean something.Now can you nurture my inner child and leave me a comment or too? It  is kinda hard being a moderator in a community where I do not get comments. My lil child inside needs the affirmation.