March 30th, 2008

butterfly girl


Hi all! I want to re-introduce myself. My name is Nikki. I just turned 22 years old, but inside I am more like 7. I had no idea anyone else felt this way before I found this community! ^_^ I have bipolar and ADD and Asperger's. I like to make things (crafts mostly, the "fine arts" I find more frustrating bc they're too open ended) and I like to act. Photography is great too, and I like to make things out of things I find in nature. I just like nature in general. Being outside, being with animals, playing on swings and rolling down hills. I guess you could say I'm a bit of a hippie. ;-) I am also into gaming, mostly LARPing. It is a way to meet people and act without it being pretentious and about pleasing the audience, it's just about having fun! I am Pagan, and I love the supernatural, anything supernatural. I read palms, but sadly I am very rusty with this. =(

I actually have been in this community for a while but I rarely post. I was in college and I had no free time for the internetz because of homework, but now I'm taking some time off, and am getting reacquainted with my old hobbies and pasttimes and all that. So, it's been at least a year since my initial introduction, so I thought I'd say hi again!

Also, what is ageplay? I have heard some of you mention it. It sounds interesting, but I have never heard of it before. Like I said, I did not know until recently that there were other grown-up kids in the world besides me! It is such a good feeling to know you are not alone.

Alrighty, byebye for now! I look forward to getting to know this community better! =)

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