October 13th, 2007

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Interesting article

My friend lollya_lolita, a fellow age player who I recently got interested in Religious Satanism (I'm a multiple, and a couple members of my system are Satanists... well, one's a LaVeyan Satanist and the other is a "Grey-sider" Theistic Luciferian), posted the following article she had found. It was not written by her. But she found it, and thinks it's interesting.

"Hail Pigtails"
by Marcilla

Okay ladies, here is some shocking news. I wear my hair in pigtails. Some day’s two braids, some day’s ponytails on either side of my head, a lot of days dainty little butterflies or flowers adorn two smaller "tails" on my head. Why do I do this? Why not spend countless hours getting the right do? Because it's downright sexy.

Not all women can achieve this look. To be frank, too stark a face, one too many wrinkles and it looks ridiculous. These women can often achieve that perfect hairstyle. The tailored and cut,
permed and layered always beautiful, ravishingly sexy put together hair. For those of us not lucky enough to have that sophisticated look, there are alternatives, let it grow as long as you can, cut it into an easy to care for style or. Go girly!

All this advice is of course what I am comfortable with. It's not for everybody.
Let's start with the basics. You are in your favorite jeans, that t-shirt you love and running shoes (I prefer the big Spice-Girl look. a bit girly ya know). Now, there is the classic pulled back one ponytail do, or the two braids (think Native American) not quite braided to the ends.The I am so innocent, corrupt me look.

Next perhaps you are fresh out of the shower, two minutes to spare, over alls, sandals, an itty-bitty tee and car keys to grab. What gives you that edge? Your hair pulled into two pigtails over your ears.. It screams.. I am untouchable! On the sexier side, you are in that hot outfit, the one that shows what you've got. You ooze sex appeal.. Men will fall all over you.. Want that bit of mystery? That something else? Add a butterfly clip, tie up the sides of your hair and voila! Maybe you are a good girl playing at being bad. the hunt is on. Fresh out of bed from a night of lovemaking? Did you give him all his dirty little fantasies? Want to go back to the girl next door for a sec? Throw him off? Enchant, disturb, and make him think of nothing but you?

Wash off the make up, tie your hair up and let him think about letting your hair down,
bringing back last night’s vixen. Chances are, he takes your hair down, loving you and is completely caught up in the complexity of you. Woman, female. I'm a little girl, you are my Daddy and it's so forbidden to make good girls go bad. Freudian, Simple. It doesn't work on every man; some men just can't get past the imagery. But Satan helps us all... little girls usually get their man! HS! Hail Pigtails!

I have to say, I agree. I like my hair in "pigtails" as well.
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