July 8th, 2007

a face

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So... I got a new boyfriend... And he doesn't know much about me at all. And today we went to Petco together and he made a comment about me acting too excited about going to a petstore. He said 'You're as bad as my kids. I want to date a 21 year old not a 9 year old'. So I stopped acting so excited, but I was really hurt by the comment. Then we were looking at snakes and I picked up one of the plastic bags with crickets in them and said 'Poor crickets' and he took the bag and shook it. So I said, 'Don't do that it's mean.' And he looked me straight in the eye and did it again. And I smacked him... Cause that was awful! He knew it hurt me but he did it anyway! Yes I act like a child sometimes. But at least I act like a nice child, and not a mean child that hurts animals... I hate guys...