June 8th, 2007


Hope this is allowed

I hope asking for book suggestions is allowed. If not, feel free to delete this.

Recently read "The Bermudez Triangle" by Maureen Johnson because of the controversy. And WOW! I don't usually read conventional fiction (in fact, I think the only other books in that genre I've ever read before TBT by MJ was "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov and "To Kill A Mockingbird." I usually read scifi and fantasy), but I'm definetely interested now. I'm even WRITING conventional fiction now.

Obviously, I'm going to be reading more Maureen Johnson books. But I want to explore other possibilities as well. So here is my request: If you know any good conventional fiction titles, let me know in the comments. Please include title, author, and a short synopsis AND/OR a link to the book on Amazon if you would please. :-)
      I'm especially interested in the following:

* YA fiction, since the characters in my Lolita Leigh Smith series won't be getting older than 18 anytime soon.

* Fiction with GLBT content (Yes, even "romance" that is GLBT)

* Controversial titles (Bermudez Triangle, Lolita, etc.)

* "Experimental" conventional fiction. Stuff that does new and weird things. Maybe even crosses genres or skirts the edges of other genres.

Bonus points for combining those!

Thanks in advance!

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