May 12th, 2007


An Alexander rant.

(Quickly for those who don't know: I am a Multiple, and one of the people in my system is named Alexander Antonin. He likes to rant. Here he has a rant about children/adults.)

People speak of adults and children like they're two different groups... like they're butterflies and catapillars. Yeah right! There's no significant difference between children and adults except that adults tend to be larger and have smaller heads in comparison to their bodies. The physical differences are so insignificant as to be meaningless.

In this existence we call humanity, it's the blind leading the blind. Adults think they know what they're doing and they don't. But will they admit it? HA! As if. The games adults play are no different from those that kids play, except that they've learned subtlety, complexity, and they cheat at every chance they get. There's also the added element of betrayal, which to a lesser extent exists in the children's world, too.

I hate peoples' lies. No one can be f*cking honest, even with themselves. Then they get all upset when kids lie. GUESS WHAT, DUMB ARSES: YOU TAUGHT IT TO THEM! "Do as I say and not as I do," HA! Like that'll ever work.

Children grow up with the issues they do because their parents are f*cking immature bastards and not even mature enough to admit it. I think people who know they're childlike adults are - by being honest about it - actually MORE mature than the average adult. Not that they don't have their own lies they tell themselves and others. Not that they don't still make a distinction between adults and children - and then add the further distinction of "childlike adult" into the mix. Let's all just be honest for ten minutes: adults are just oversized children.

Now what can we do about this? If we're all blind in this life, how can we go on? Well, I can tell you one thing: we'll have to change our ways. Humanity has let its fear and confusion control it and drive it insane. Let me just define some terms here:

* "Crazy" is having issues. I have not met anyone who is not crazy. It is not even possible to be conscious and not have issues? I think not. Even Jesus had issues.

* "Sane" is when you're crazy and you're fully aware that you're crazy, and are either attempting to fix the problem or are wishing you knew how.

* "Insane" is being crazy and being oblivious to the fact that you're crazy. Insane people think they're completely sane and sober (by clinical definitions), and that everyone else is insane. Insane people are convinced that their view of reality is true and real. This is why they tend not to seek help from others.

Humanity is, by these definitions, collectively insane. Most individuals are insane. Send in the men in white coats! We're gonna need one hell of a rubber room!

Only those who are well aware of having issues/being crazy are truly sane. Want more evidence? A common defintion of insanity I hear is "doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results each time." If that isn't also a perfect definition for humanity, then I will eat my hat.

What we need to do? We need to realize that what we're doing, thinking, believing, and being IS NOT WORKING. We need to try something else. We need new models of God, for one thing. We live in the 20th century... artificial consciousness isn't far off, and we're exploring the universe vicariously through probes and telescopes. Most of us have a highly evolved view of the external universe, but the way we work with other people hasn't changed significantly since Babylonian times, and we have a medieval conception - at best - of God. Even Atheists need a new conception of God. Because it's easy to be an atheist when the only conception of God anyone's ever come up with makes no fracking sense at all.

How's this for a new God: It's not an entity with any kind of form or body. A formless consciousness and energy that may or may not have created the universe... and it matters not whether it did or not, because now it unifies it. But it wants nothing from us, needs nothing from us. It either doesn't care one way or another, or doesn't worry about anything. Neither does it meddle. And why should it meddle? What significance does our tiny mortal existence have to God? ABSOLUTELY NONE. If we all died tomorrow, the universe wouldn't even notice. Or if it did, it might just be like "Honey have you - Hey, what's that over there? Oh, they all died! Awww... how sad. Oh well. Now as I was saying..."

Because only someone insane can hold as true in their mind two opposing concepts that cancel each other out, to describe an entity. A loving God that is also wrathful? What an oxymoron! Especially for a supposedly immortal and omniscent being. We truly are limited beings trying to put our own limits on something that is limitless. And it's irritating me.

Anyway, I strayed from the point. The point is, we need to try something new, on all levels of our life. Because the things we're doing now are NOT WORKING.
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I guess I'm childlike.  I like to think so, because it is truly a compliment.  There is the ideal child, full of wonderment and fancy (?), and then there is the old curmudgeon, who is just a child who is a crybaby. 

I agree with the guy below me, I think.  Everybody's a child.  They just complicate things.  Some of them like to play house.  But what's the "adult" distinction, really?  You have to grow up and be responsible enough to act totally irresponsibly?  Some kids are emotionally intelligent, some adults are; some kids, adults, aren't.

Yeah yeah yeah.  Here's my
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