March 24th, 2007

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Mr Rogers and Me Please Read

I was watching this on youtube and it made me cry. I then started to cry even more and had this weird feeling. I could not remember anything in particular but I felt this sadness and this feeling that mister rogers must have helped me through part of my childhood. I had never connected that part of why I loved watching Mr Rogers so much was not just the puppets but it was also the fact he was a kind voice...a accepting person in the face of all of my evil parents words and yells and cruelness. I can not remember a lot of my childhood but the empathy I felt from Mr Rogers in this clip...made me cry,,,I wish I could remember more... I have buried so much of the past... I remember lil films..lil mini scenes but so much has been temporarily erased. I wonder if any of you will have the crying I did when you watch this...MR Rogers went in front of the US Senate to get funding for PBS. He spoke impassioned of what his show did for kids...and it just was so damned beautiful..

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