January 11th, 2007

hello! :)

Well , I may be a bit of a youngin in here, but I feel I'm a wee bit too childish for an eighteen year old , so here goes nothin' !

1.Do you do anything creative like art,poetry,singing,writing or playing music,dancing or other?

Well seeing as all of the colleges I've applied to are art schools, I've been cooking since I was eight, playing guitar for four years, knitting for two, sculpting and painting and draw forever, I would say I do. :)

2.Were you been abused as a child or teen?

Well, more like forced to spend my childhood life taking care of my needy manic depressed mother. So though I was not abused, I had my chilhooded reaped from me.

3.Do you collect dolls or toys?

Collect is an understatement. Like others I have noticed in this community, I'm a dollfie fan. Also I love anything stuffed, love pokemon, carebears :)

4.At what age did you start dating?

When I started highschool. All of my relationships have been long because I like just being around the people I date heh. :)

5.Do you have any physical conditions? Like migraines,ibs,arthritis,fybromialga etc,,?

Does cancer count?

6.Do you suffer from depression?

leave that to my mommy

7.Do you suffer from anxiety?
It is compressed like oxygen in a tank haha

8.Do you suffer from PTSD or other?


9.Are you shy?


10.Are you on any anti-depressants or anti anxiety medication or any other psychotroptic meds for psychiatric reasons?


11.Do you have a hopeful future outlook?

Understatement. FYI:
I plan on writing a hit novel by the time I graduate college.
I then want to travel the world off of the earnings, drawing and collecting rare footage/information on rare or undiscovered animals ( most likely fish, sharks)
I then plan on recieving the pulitzer and noble prize, and have the government sponsor me
to live on this island and study the unique inhabitants of it's inner lagoon.
By my side will be my best friend and fellow fish hobbyist, and we will live together forever and this island having tons of fun whoo!!


12.Do you take life one day at a time or plan ahead for the future?
read 11. I live in my future fantasy world. ( it can get much mroe flamboyant than that too.

13.Do you trust easily or is it very hard for you to trust?

its moderate depending on a lot of things.

14.Do you like art? If so what are your favorite kinds?

I love art! I like fantasy, not anime, surrealism, and traditional hand drawn stuff!
15.What kind of music do you listen to usually?

The shins, flaming lips, indie stuff?

16.Name 3 favorite movies.

life aquatic with steve zissou, breakfast on pluto, anything studio ghibli (spirited away)

17.Why did you join this community?

To talk with other child minded people like myself! :)
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