December 19th, 2006


Staying up late. Naughty naughty.

Hello :) My name is Kia, and i'm a 20-year-old/6-year-old girl currently residing in Western Australia. I'm also new here! As such, I figured i'd fill out the 'getting to know you' survey thingy-ma-bob. Here it be:

1.Do you do anything creative like art,poetry,singing,writing or playing music,dancing or other?

Yes! I love drawing, messing around in photoshop, fingerpainting (no, seriously. A friend and I had a fingerpainting session a few months ago and it was awesome), writing poetry and short-stories and films, singing along to my favorite nineties pop-tunes in the car at night, playing the piano and acting/playing pretend (although I don't get to 'play pretend' much anymore unless it's for a play/film/etc...nobody to play with!)

2.Were you been abused as a child or teen?

Minor sexual abuse when I was about 9, (and I stress this: very minor, but still upsetting, you know?), and some emotional abuse/neglect as I got older. I feel crappy saying that, though, because my mum is awesome...

3.Do you collect dolls or toys?

I try not to, anymore, because I don't have anywhere to keep them, really! But I have sooo many plushies/soft toys. My bed is littered, and I have a chest full of beanie babies somewhere...and the toys/plushies I saved from my childhood, of course!

4.At what age did you start dating?


5.Do you have any physical conditions? Like migraines,ibs,arthritis,fybromialga etc,,?

Not really, no. I get allergies, though. Especially to dust. Bleuugh.

6.Do you suffer from depression?


7.Do you suffer from anxiety?


8.Do you suffer from PTSD or other?

I don't think so, however I do suffer from OCD, have been diagnosed as bipolar, and may suffer from dissociative identity disorder..

9.Are you shy?

Sometimes. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I am very very shy and withdrawn, almost sulky...other times I come across as very confident, almost a bit manic.

10.Are you on any anti-depressants or anti anxiety medication or any other psychotroptic meds for psychiatric reasons?

yes, Lexapro for depression and OCD, and i've been prescribed/am prescribe serapax, xanax and valium for anxiety and insomnia. I've also been on lithium for bipolar, and varius anti-deps including lovan/prozac and aropax.

11.Do you have a hopeful future outlook?

Sometimes, but i'm not very good at looking forward.

12.Do you take life one day at a time or plan ahead for the future?

I can't plan ahead for the future too much, because often it doesn't seem as though I have one.

13.Do you trust easily or is it very hard for you to trust?

It is quite difficult for me to trust someone completely.

14.Do you like art? If so what are your favorite kinds?

I love art! I really love photography, especially night photography, and cleverly done photo manipulation type things (Dave Mckean, etc). I'm also a fan of pre-raphaelite and romanticism paintings.

15.What kind of music do you listen to usually?

All kinds! Nineties pop, eighties pop, nineties rock (nirvana, smashing pumpkins, sponge, spin doctors, babylon zoo), some indie rock (eels, the shins), some metal, some goth/punk, some electro, some industrial, some classical...the list goes on!

16.Name 3 favorite movies.

Garden State, White Oleander, Donnie Darko
(oh oh and Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal and Velvet Goldmine and disney movies!)

17.Why did you join this community?

To find out more about me, I think, and to better understand what on earth is going on with me. I've always been loathe to grow up, but I think it goes beyond the 'normal' kind of immaturity. It really does feel sometimes like there are two me's - the big me and the little me. Other people notice, too. And I don't seem to have a lot of control over which one is around and when...