December 2nd, 2006

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I know I haven't typed here in a while... I was too busy obsessing. I got a boyfriend, Jason who lived down the hall from my appartment and became waaaay too attached to him. He became my only entertainment and when I wasn't with him all I could do was wait to see him again. I even got a job with him so I could be with him more. Unfortunatly, he and I were falling appart when I got that job. We were always fighting and he was threatening me if I didn't leave him alone enough. So at work, he threatened to slap me in front of customers and our boss so we both got fired... Now theres a new guy to add to the list of jerk exes. So I guess I'm too much of a child to be able to live on my own so now I'm going to live with my parents again. That way I'm protected from Jason, from rent, and from crazy perverted neighbors. I hope I can try again to live on my own, but for now I'm fine speanding X-mas with my family instead of working.
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