October 24th, 2006

Silly Ideas/Worries You Had As a Kid

Growing up, I'm sure most of us had our fears and worries. I'm also pretty sure that now, looking back, many of them were pretty silly.

What worries, fears, ideas, did you all have as a kid, that you realize now were pretty ridiculous??

I know that when I was a little kid, I used to get scared thinking that I could be arrested by the police if once in a while, I forgot to brush my teeth, or put (or keep) my seatbelt on while in the car.

I remember as a kid sitting on the top steps of our stairs in the morning, while the rest of my family were getting ready for work/school and looking down at our front door, being afraid that the police would come busting through the door and take me away just because I had eaten something the night before, after I'd already brushed my teeth, and then fallen asleep without brushing again. Or because I'd forgotten to brush my teeth altogether. I still remember trying to come up with bargains in my mind, like I would promise to always remember to brush my teeth, so that the cops wouldn't come.

I guess I was a weird kid :P

What silly ideas did all of you have growing up??