September 2nd, 2006

elf me

there is a new sesame street character with fairy wings :)

I have found my Sesame Street alter ego....

So, who's the new kid?
Fresh arrival brings magic and sense of wonder to TV staple
Aug. 12, 2006. 01:00 AM

Millions of fans met her yesterday, but Sesame Street's first new female Muppet in 13 years has her big debut today.

Little fairy-in-training, Abby Cadabby, today goes to school.

"We're so excited about Abby's character," says Sesame Street executive producer Carol-Lynn Parente. "Her magic is incidental. What she's knocked out about is reality. She's excited about the same things we want to excite our audience, like writing letters with a crayon."

With sparkly pigtails, a trio of freckles on each cheek and a magic wand that doubles as a cell phone, Abby "poofs" onto the series as it enters its record 37th season in 120 countries. Parente - "I'm the first executive producer to grow up with Sesame Street" - explains the new three-year-old is the daughter of a fairy godmother, "a working mother.

"She's also a new species, and that gives us the chance to show how differences can be accepted. It also helps with the fear of new things, like starting school."

For Abby, classes are held at the Fairy Tale Community School under the tutelage of Mrs. Goose, played by singer-actress Shirley Jones. Show and Tell is first on the scholastic schedule and student Mary steps up with her little lamb, who performs some pretty hilarious impersonations. Abby gets in on the action - a lesson in joining - with her magic wand/phone.

Adding Abby to the already large Muppet cast (nearly 25 regulars) was not an easy decision, says Parente. "Too many characters can be a problem for kids to build a relationship."

But a girl character opened new doors for the show. "There's not a lot out there that models healthy female relationships," she says. "There's a mean-girl syndrome, so this was a good opportunity to show how girls get along in healthy ways."

Abby's unique abilities are a good fit with the emphasis on literacy in Sesame Street's "back to basics" direction this year. Her magic spells are rhymes but, being a little girl, she needs help.

"She has to find the right word that rhymes to get herself out of a jam," says Parente, adding the 1964-72 series Bewitched (remember Sam's cousin Sabrina?) did come up as Abby's character was developed.

Other highlights this year include celebs Jamie Foxx ("My ears don't point," he says. "That proves you're not Jamie Fox," says a fox Muppet with the same name), Amy Sedaris and Alex Trebek, as well as parodies Scramalot, The Breakfast Club and Survivor: Musical Chairs.

10:30 a.m. weekdays, WNED.

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All the things.... hmm...

Im trying to think of all the things that make me an 'adult child' ... I figured I would post a few & you guys could tell me if we got any in common :)

I <3 Hello Kitty
Lisa Frank owns allll my school supplies.
My Tamagotchi gets more attention than teh bf.
Pink (of course)
I eat cool whip from the tub with my fingers. (I pretty much eat everything with my fingers)
I watch cartoons like everyday.
Video Games are Gods greatest gift on Earth.
I wear bows and ribbons in my hair.
I wear pig-tails almost every day. (I twirl them too)
I still sometimes wear girls shirts & bras (its actually kinda sad)
I have an imaginary friend.
I always pick off my scabs (I never leave them) and I am proud of my booboos.
I still sleep with a teddy.
Fridge Magnets keep me happy.
I chew gum like crazy & it hardly ever stays in my mouth.
I color in my coloring books during class.
I cant wait to 'open up' my piggy bank.
I dance and twirl around humming when Im bored.
When I have a drink & straw I always suck the drink into the straw hold it in the air & then drop it into my mouth.
I have a fascination with lolli's
Im messy & Awkward.
I like to play in the rain more than anything else.
Stickers are amazing.
I still play on the playground any chance that I get.
I blush like crazy when flirted with.

*sigh* thats about all I can think of.. but there are tons more.. Im such a lil' kid.