May 19th, 2006

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I joined some time back, it's taken me ages to do this...

1.Do you do anything creative like art,poetry,singing,writing or playing music,dancing or other?
Yes. A lot of things. I do visual art (drawing, watercolor, collage, some ceramics) and write, including poetry. I also crochet.

2.Were you been abused as a child or teen?
Yes. Severely. Physically, sexually, sadistically, ritual abuse, etc.

3.Do you collect dolls or toys?
Well- I collect them in the sense I have them and play with them. Not in the "I must have all of X collection". I have a lot of stuffed animals (needing to get one of those nets for them- the kids insist that it's not right for them ALL not to be out and well, there wouldn't be room for me in the bed if they were...).

I have a lot of art supplies and coloring books and things, too. Some toys. I think I'm- and always have been- scared to just play, though. I wish my therapist did play therapy or sand-tray- that would be really good.

4.At what age did you start dating?
Ummm- officially? I think age 18, if I remember correctly.

5.Do you have any physical conditions? Like migraines,ibs,arthritis,fybromialga etc,,?
Some migraines. Some physical effects from the abuse.

6.Do you suffer from depression?
Yes. Magor Depression, severe, recurrent. It- gets better and worse.

7.Do you suffer from anxiety?
Yes, panic attacks and generalized anxiety. The panic attacks are much worse with stress and often go with flashbacks.

8.Do you suffer from PTSD or other?
Yes, severe Complex PTSD and DID

9.Are you shy?
I used to be. I think I'm good at- appearing like I'm not, now.

10.Are you on any anti-depressants or anti anxiety medication or any other psychotroptic meds for psychiatric reasons?
Yes. I'm on anti-depressents, a med for nightmares, PRNs for anxiety, and sleep meds.

11.Do you have a hopeful future outlook?
I try to. I daresay I don't always, though, that's for sure.

12.Do you take life one day at a time or plan ahead for the future?
Depends on how I'm doing. When I'm very stressed or depressed it's hard for me to do much beyond taking it one day at a time.

13.Do you trust easily or is it very hard for you to trust?
It's very hard for me to trust.

14.Do you like art? If so what are your favorite kinds?
Visual art- a lot of Pre-Raphaelites and Impressionists. Caravaggio.

15.What kind of music do you listen to usually?
Varies *wildy*. I like Joan Baez and folk- I like Marilyn Manson, Melissa Etheridge, celtic music, Tori Amos, etc.

16.Name 3 favorite movies.
Stigmata, What Dreams May Come, Milo and Otis

17.Why did you join this community?
To have a place to talk about toys and "kid things" with other pepople who wouldnt' think I was weird for that (I tend to "blame" the kids in here, but really it's me too that loves all of that stuff).
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