April 24th, 2006


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Welcome new members. Wow this community just keeps growing. It makes me happy
that others are finding solace here. I have had some adult child moments of late.
I found myself delerious with happiness at all the Tinkerbell stuff I saw
and I bought TB pens,pencils and a pocketbook. I was at a place called
the Flywheel and was learning how to be a booker and while there I peeked in on
the bands playing in the other room. Almost every person watching the band and the band were so young..
highschoolers mayhaps and maybe early twenties. I felt so old... so very old. Even tho I do
not look like it and socially I am quite young...it felt wierd at first being 37 in that
environment. The candy store in the mall had ZOTS which I loved as a kid... a candy with a fizzy middle.
I was told recently I look 27 and not my age. I was at Claire's today in the mall and the place
was overun with kids and teens all buying hair and jewlery accessories. It made me feel quite old too.
I am happy to say my abandonment issues are a lil less... I have not been triggered so much lately.
I am doing pretty good considering I am not on any meds except for what I take for my ibs. Watched Degrassi
the new version and Instant Star. Love those shows....

Anyone wanna share some recent adult child moments?

how do you feel about off topic posting-please comment

The member below posted an ad for a musician and I feel it is not relevant to the site.
I am worried about the site losing its sense of purpose and becomming full of solicitation for
things. How do other members feel? Please respond. I wanted to make it a consensus decision on
if it is ok for people to post things that have nothing to do with trauma and with being kidlike.
I hope this does not upset the member but I want to keep this site safe. I am not mad at all..
just trying to handle this in the right way *hugs*