April 15th, 2006

My Introduction

Hi, my name is Ami and I recently joined this group. I look forward to getting to know you, and become friends. I am a 27 (almost 28) year old woman, who because of life events and circumstances, still looks (even on the outside!) and feels very much like a young child on the inside.

I look forward to meeting more of you and below is the Introduction Survey.

1.Do you do anything creative like art,poetry,singing,writing or playing music,dancing or other?

Yes, writing, singing and dancing

2.Were you been abused as a child or teen?

Yes, as a child I was physically, verbally and emotionally abused and sexually molested by the 2 directors of a Montessori school I attended

3.Do you collect dolls or toys?

For a while (from preteen to mid 20's) I stopped. But I've recently restarted collecting dolls, toys and other's 80s stuff (books, videogames, etc.) via eBay, and other online sites.

4.At what age did you start dating?

I've NEVER dated (I'm almost 28) Because of the abuse and molestation, I think I may be asexual.

I have NO interest or desire to have sex or be in romantic relationship with anyone (man or woman)anytime in the forseeable future. In fact to be perfectly honest, I am repulsed and revolted (often to the point of nausea) at thoughts of dating or sex.

5.Do you have any physical conditions? Like migraines,ibs,arthritis,fybromialga etc,,?


6.Do you suffer from depression?


7.Do you suffer from anxiety?


8.Do you suffer from PTSD or other?

I'm not sure. A social worker friend suggested that diagnosis along with Borderline Personality features, and in my heart I think its right, but my doc doesn't seem to want to agree since he isn't the one who diagnosed it.

9.Are you shy?

Sometimes - it depends.

10.Are you on any anti-depressants or anti anxiety medication or any other psychotroptic meds for psychiatric reasons?


11.Do you have a hopeful future outlook?

Occasionally - but usually not too often.

12.Do you take life one day at a time or plan ahead for the future?

It depends on the day, my mood, and the circumstances.

13.Do you trust easily or is it very hard for you to trust?

It depends on the day, my mood, and the circumstances.

14.Do you like art? If so what are your favorite kinds?

Not really. Crafts interest me more.

15.What kind of music do you listen to usually?

I used to listen to Hindi (Indian) music. But because of certain things that happened in high school and immediately thereafter, it usually depresses me too much now.

Otherwise, at times I listen to Selena, Aqua, Sarah McLachlan, R.E.M., Sheryl Crow, Christina Aguilera, Cher, Britney Spears, Shania Twain, Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, 98 Degrees, Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, The Cranberries, Green Day, and others.

But I usually don't listen to music very much anymore (too painful) and would rather watch TV instead

16.Name 3 favorite movies.

classic animated Disney movies (Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Bambi, etc)
Life is Beautiful
Monsoon Wedding

17. Why did you join this community?

Because I consider myself a TRUE AdultChild, and I'd like to get to know amd make friends with other adultchildren. Because they're are not many people who understand why we are the way we are, and its nice to have a support system of like-minded folk.