December 24th, 2005



Does christmas make anyone else a little bit sad?

I really enjoy all the cookies and music and decorations and family and everything, but....

as I get older it just gets more and more "wrong." This is the second christmas where my two oldest sisters won't be home. Our christmas tree only has half as many presents as usual. I assume that means they're more expensive gifts, instead of cheapsy little stuffed animals and such, but... it looks sad. Usually there will be one evening during the week before christmas when we'll all sit around in the living room and sing all the christmas songs we can think of, and... that didn't happen this year. I don't even like it that much and I miss it.

It just feels like there are so many things missing from my christmas... I just wish I could be a little kid and do all those fun things again.


(also... if anyone here celebrates something other than christmas, feel free to substitute "christmas" with the holiday of your choice...)