September 22nd, 2005


ok new requirements to join-feedback please

Thank you guys for giving me feedback. I agree that maybe the questionaire is to intense to be a requirement. I am gonna post the questionaire again and then put the link to that post on the info page. People can fill it out if they want to or they can introduce themselves in a post...either way they wish. If they do not want to say hi that is ok too but it will be strongly encouraged. There will be one requirement tho....people who do not have any interests listed and have no posts or they are friends only will not be added. There is no way to screen them. If they want to send me an email with some interests then I will see by the email if they want to be here for the right reasons and are not soliciting some other thing (like what happened before for a bit,,,those sex web cam thingys). I think this is the best way to handle this. Now the questionaire post will repost everytime someone who wishes to fill it out who is joining does so. What do y'all think?

getting to know you getting to know all about you-questionaire

Welcome New Members :)

1.Do you do anything creative like art,poetry,singing,writing or playing music,dancing or other?

2.Were you been abused as a child or teen?

3.Do you collect dolls or toys?

4.At what age did you start dating?

5.Do you have any physical conditions? Like migraines,ibs,arthritis,fybromialga etc,,?

6.Do you suffer from depression?

7.Do you suffer from anxiety?

8.Do you suffer from PTSD or other?

9.Are you shy?

10.Are you on any anti-depressants or anti anxiety medication or any other psychotroptic meds for psychiatric reasons?

11.Do you have a hopeful future outlook?

12.Do you take life one day at a time or plan ahead for the future?

13.Do you trust easily or is it very hard for you to trust?

14.Do you like art? If so what are your favorite kinds?

15.What kind of music do you listen to usually?

16.Name 3 favorite movies.

17.Why did you join this community?