September 21st, 2005


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Hey... I haven't posted here much, but... I just wanted to tell y'all about my new job.

I'm 18 and living a few hours away from my parents... I moved up here in the spring, but didn't find a job until just a few weeks ago. I think the responsibility of filling out applications and the thought of haveing to go to work every day was very overwhelming for me, so I put off getting a job for as long as I could.

So... I'm working at Price Chopper (big grocery store... I think it's just, like... in New England states?) The one up here has a play center where you can leave your kids while you shop, and... I'm working in there. The kids are ages 3-9, and we have toys and games and craft projects... There's a game cube and a play station... and a TV, and I get to have little kid movies playing all day. I only deal with the parents a teeny bit... when they drop off the kids, and when they come to pick them up... When there are kids in the room I get to play with them and help them with craft projects or games or whatever... When there aren't kids I can't really just play with things, but I'm supposed to keep the room neat and clean, so I kind of get to play with the toys as I'm putting them away.... put all the food back in the cupboards, put the baby dolls in their strollers, etc. And then when the room is clean and there are no kids I can just watch the movie, or read a book, or... pretty much whatever I want, so long as I pay attention and am available when someone comes to drop off a kid.

So I have a job now, and people aren't mad at me for being lazy/whatever anymore, and... I mostly just get to play all day. I'm very happy with this.

... Does anyone else here have jobs working/playing with kids?


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requirements to join-please give me imput

New people are asking to join and they have not filled out the questionaire. I feel we need something to make sure people are joining for the right people feel that the questionaite (posted on the info page) is too invasive? That it makes people uncomfy? I just felt it would also unite us. Help people feel less alone with how they feel. I thought people could email me their questionaire and then I would post it if it was appropriate. Someone posted their own which was fine. If you are approved and wish to post your questionaite after the fact that is very helpful to me but either way is ok. Should I not have a questionaire? Should I change the one I have come up with? Please guys leave me some feedback thanks :)