September 16th, 2005


please read from your moderator

Hi Guys
It seems that someone has left due to lack of posting. I feel bad about that. I have said this before that I feel bad posting all the time because I feel like this is all of our community. Also if I do not get any comments on my posts I feel like noone is reading them. I am such an attention starved affirmation needing junkie adultchild. If people could please comment now and then on my posts I would appreciate it. Just maybe a thought it generated in you or even just *hugs* or whatever you want to say. I do not want to just assume everyone wants to read me going on and on about what it is like to be an adultchild. If you do not mind tell me please and I will spill words all over this community when I feel like I am having adult child moments. That is what I want you all to do. If you have an incident during the week that makes you say to yourself wow I felt five there.. I was triggered or hmmmm I feel like a teenager sitting here doing this or that. As long as the topic is relevant to being an adult child it is ok. So please feel free to post relevant things and please commnent on my posts to encourage me to keep posting :) See your moderator is really an adultchild as she has shown in this post! I think I am gonna post some questions or things to generate posts from people soon. I know I am not consistent on here but this community means a lot to me and I want this to be a safe haven and home where you can freely express the pain and frustration and the joy too of being and adultchild. I have added the same questionaite many of you have taken onto the info page and it is now a requirement to join. I hope all of you ae doing ok and I send lots of *hugs*