September 10th, 2005


Hi-Hi *^-^*


thank you for letting join !

when I saw this community i thought .. hmmm wow thats me !
perhaps it was the sexual abuse or the forced stay at rehab clinic when i was still a kid, not to mention one dysfunctional family, but I am basically still a little girl .
I'm 29 and I collect comics, stuffed animals, action figures, err I have some barbie's too, ok i admit it ! ( here ) I love to go to playgrounds and swing at night. Once i saw a woman i went to school with and she remarked to me. " wow you just keep getting younger and younger"
So this place sparks something in me, did everything i went thru as a child make me regress as an adult ? is that why I am what I am now ?

Hmm I look forward to getting to know everyone here and making some friends *^-^* and maybe even learning a thing or two as too why I am like this.