August 11th, 2005

i'm sad...

It seems no one else posts in this community... i was very excited when i found it, cause it sounded just like me... now i think i'm going to leave it, because i'm still waiting for someone who will write.
I told you, sometimes, i just feel like i am seven, i am very warm hearted, and sincere, direct, emotional (both good and bad)... asi study psychology, it seems very interesting to me the reasons for my behaviors (again, sometimes it's just like seeing a seven years old)... anyway, that's not all, i am also a submissive. I mean i am owned by a real Master and all those kind of things... i'm a little masochist too... i crave attention, i love it. I think it's very interesting that this kind of community exists, and if there is one it's because there is a need out there as well. I mean, it has to be people interested in any aspect of the topic... Anyway, i just wanted to say goodbye. Kisses and hugs to everyone!

p.s. The ones that haven't read The little prince, please do it!
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