June 27th, 2005


fake account users are not welcome here

Note from the Moderator/Creator of this Community/Whatever you call me :)

I thought I would let you know I have been vigilently screening people for membership here. In the last two weeks or so I have been getting a lot of people trying to join with a pattern in their username. They have like an adjective and then a girl's name like deliciousdora or something like that. I let one slip through the cracks but I deleted them once I realized they were fake just like the other ones. When someone does not have any posts in their journal it is hard for me to tell if they are authentic... and if they really would be a good part of this community. I am not going to allow people I feel will be mean.. will not honor what we do here. This needs to be a safe and healing place. Some gal trying to get guys to look at her webcam is not welcome here. These journals are just a repeating post that has a link for someone to see their cam. I am going to develop a questionaire that is kind of like the one I posted on here a lil while ago. It must be filled out by anyone wanting to join. If it is not filled out then they will not be allowed to join. I will post it in the user info. If someone can not take the time to read the info page..then they do not belong here. Hrumph I have spoken :)

Just wanting you all to know I take this community very seriously. I may be quiet at times but I am watching and protecting all of you the best I can.