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Heroin For the Lowcarb Diet
31 May 2005 @ 07:17 pm
Hi. I figured I'd just introduce myself, seeing as I joined the community and all. I'm 25, engaged to be married October 2006. I work at a Build-a-Bear. I <3 boys underoos, because they're comfy and come with super-heros and dinasaurs on the bums..... and though I'm sure spiderman doesn't make my ass look paticularly cute, it still amuses me just the same. I have diabetes, ahsma and Cystic Fibrosis..... resulting in some depression and anxiety sometimes, but for the most part I'm fairly happy. I joined this community because 1. My friend is the mod, and 2. because the basis of the community seems to be that people are having trouble getting past aspects of there childhood. What I have trouble with is the responsiblity aspect. I seem to somehow still be trying to rebel. I can work and pay my bills, but what I find difficult is taking care of my healthcare needs. I often blow off medicine and doctor's appointments as "I'll do it later, a little longer won't kill me...." Often times my fiance wonders why I can't do the normal things that people do when they need to, like take my pills and insulin. He doesn't understand my fear of driving, and much like my parents when I was 16 sometimes nags about me getting my lisence. I'd much rather let someone else take the lead in doing certain things, and at other times I want to push them out of the way because I insist they won't do it right. I'm stubborn. (but that comes with being a Taurus). And I have a perfectly lovely temper that has led me to actually throwing things during a fight and/or arguement. But I'll bend over backwards and stick loyally by those I love.....
Well, that's me. You probably won't hear from me again for a while..... I'm not good at posting in communities. But I thought it only propper to introduce myself....