March 23rd, 2005


oh wow 100 members

Wow this community is really growing. Welcome all of you new members. I still feel self conscious that all these people are joining and posting is sporadic and often is just me but I will trust that a community will run itself and that people will not have expectations that are too big for this community or me as the creator of this. So I hope all of you like it here. Now meet the newest edition to my doll and faerie community in my home isn't she pretty? :)

This is Dahlia

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i joined a couple days ago & this is my first post here. My name is Brytnee and i turned 19 yesterday, though i feel so much younger.
I've felt this way since i was 14, when a lot of traumatic things happened in my life, so i think all the craziness of that time made me stop growing inside. I'm so much more fascinated with dolls and fairytales and things, than i think i ever was. there is a little girl living inside me and she is very antsy... she always wants to come out, but im 19 now, i cant let her out, i have to keep up my job, be responsible, bla bla. and its all so scary. im still very behind... i still dont have my driving permit yet or anything. plus, i look about 15 or 16... no one believe me when i tell them my real age.

♥ heres some more thingies about miss Brytnee;
she dances to: tori amos, the dresden dolls, rasputina, cocteau twins
she reads: classical fairy tales, francesca lia block, poetry
she watches: girl interrupted, lolita, the virgin suicides
she likes: dollies, thrift shops, poofy skirts, fashion, flowers
she has: a very cute Blythe doll named Hanin, a stuffed animal lamb named Lambie, and a rag-cat named Agatha