March 20th, 2005

tori faerie

adult child moment of the week

Yes I am still doing these.,,,feel free to share your's

An adult client of 40 tells me she likes eating Lucky Charms. She says this with an embarrassed laugh like it was so wrong. Her lil daughter exclaims in horror MOM! I reveal to the adult client I too have eaten Lucky Charms fairly recently. I didn't share that like the daughter I tend to eat all the marshmellows and leave behind lots of the cereal. I also didn't tell her I like dolls and have faerie stuff all over my apartment.... no I let all that be my lil seceret,, and she thought eating Lucky Charms was shameful lol Tho I am not ashamed of my kid side when it comes to indulging in so called childish fodder,,,it feels damn good!