February 18th, 2005


(no subject)

I would like to know why guys in their late forties to mid fifties answer my personal online ads. I mean geez I am only a teenager in my mind... or mayhaps a kid... but the thing is I dont feel comfy with guys that look like they could be my dad...even if they were closer to 36 my age. I tend to go for younger guys and I think that is cause I still see myself as so young when I look in the mirror. I think it is like I am still in highschool and want to be asked to the prom like I never was. I do not want to be Mrs Robinson (graduate movie reference) to young young horny guys (who also want to meet me...like 18 year olds)nor do I want to be some hot young thang for the viagra nearing retirement let's settle in and play bridge crew.I wanna tell these older guys hey you are perverts cant you see how young I am? But really someone in their mid forties is only less than ten years older than me... but I will never be forty... how could I? I am still 12... I am 5. I am aging and it is like life is passing and I stood still like it was from a time machine or something only I didnt realize I was on it. They say and I know I have said this countless times on here that you get frozen at the age of your trauma... I wish I could defrost....