January 22nd, 2005


(no subject)

*waves* Hi everyone!

I'm new, so... I figured I should introduce myself to you all.
I am 17 and a senior in high school. I have two younger sisters (and two older sisters, and an older brother, but... they don't live home anymore.) So... I'm the oldest of those of us living home, but I often act like the youngest. I love to draw and paint like I'm a little kid... all bright colors and scribbly lines. I also love crocheting and knitting and sewing and weaving, but those aren't quite so easy to do little-kid style.
I have a ton of stuffed animals, including... *counts*.... 7 really big teady bears. I love animals, especially cats and bunnies... I love cuddling, especially with people (preferably guys) who are bigger than me, 'cause it makes me feel all warm and safe and comfy...
I was never abused or molested when I was younger, as many of you seem to have been, but... I've always been quite shy, and have been dealing with a lot of anxiety/depression since I entered high school.

And... yeah. That is me. Nice to meet you all. This looks like a lovely community, and I think I will fit in quite well here.