January 17th, 2005


Hey, I just joined here .I 'm Danielle, I think I have found the perfect community forsomeone like me.I am 25 years old but in alot of ways I am an extreme kid at heart. I think the fact that I had several childhood traumas made me the way I am. I was molested and abuse a good part of my life .In a way I think this had forced me to grow up earlier and I never had a chance at a good childhood. Anyway, I am sorry to be so blunt about my experiences on a new post but I thik this is why I am so child-like.Anyway, so glad to be here, it's a beautiful idea for a community!
Bye now!!

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Toys in public?

I was curious if anbody here does or has taken a toy out in public with them? wherever and for whatever reason. Anybody want to but don't dare to?
My question is inspired by a number of Doll fan sites i've visited recently and how the - often over the age of 18- fans relish in taking their dolls out with them! I wouldn't have dared consider the idea until coming across these websites, i suffer from anxiety problems so i imagine carrying one of my little friends out with me sometimes might provide me with security/distraction and help my anxiety. I'd love to hear any stories anybody has about taking a toy out!
Thanks xx