January 2nd, 2005


playing with makeup

I decided to comb through my makeup and throw away the older stuff and get rid of the lipsticks I never wear. I sat on the floor singing along to show tunes (ever since I saw the movie for The Phantom of The Opera I am so in love with the few songs I have on my Best of Andrew Lloyd Webber cd.. I so want the whole soundtrack)while applying eye makeup. I made my eyes one lid and under brow was metallic purple and the other was like crimson rust. I then tried on lipstick after lipstick rubbing off the previous one (my lips are as raw as if I had just had a passionate kissing session with someone). It was so much fun! My makeup is quite kid like in some ways.. some of the colors are so young like metallics or sparkly or pastely ,,,purple mascara and bright light green eye shadow and so on. I still look young even with makeup on I think.... it used to fascinate me how much older Brooke Shields looked with makeup on when she was 12 or so. I have her autobiography she "wrote" when she was 12 "The Brooke Book". She looks like she is 25 with makeup on...... I dont wear so much I hide myself... you can still see me ... I do not have ten layers on.... but I do love to make my eyes a palette of all kinds of colors... it is so much fun for an artist like me ,,,, no wonder I have so much makeup...it is like my set of paints and markers and crayons to create a masterpiece on my face...lol well or at least avoid looking like a clown :)
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