December 26th, 2004

Lots of thoughts...

I just realized I'm well on my way to being the "very chubby" kid I used to be... Exercize once again begins today. Before starting college I did several hundred situps a day, and also tae-bo about four times a week. And, about two years ago, I was actually a size 8--I loved it! But then my Mom decided I was anorexic, and as friends and "co-workers" begin commenting on my 'thinness', I halted some of my diet/routine. But I maintained my weight for about a year--then, as I started my first semester of college I gained 5 pounds or so, nothing big. But, I have that "bulge" around the waist of my pants again, so I've got to start damage control. Yay?

For the first time in about five years, I was able to go to my Grandmother's house on Christmas Eve. I stayed only a few hours, and at first I kinda felt like a stranger--and I was the oldest "cousin" there, the nearest one was 15 and he got there really late--I had to leave shortly after he got there, so I was entertaining (or being entertained by?) several kids ages 2-6! It was lots of fun, though!!

I have lots of stuff I'm doing over the break--a yearbook, and a huge essay. I'm kind of at a crossroads with the yearbook, but I think the essay is going to be fabulous... I love to write, and I think it's going well--I hope! :o)

The worst thing about the holiday season, thus far, is the "aloneness" of it. I've never had a 'significant other' over the Christmas holiday... I haven't had many 'relationships', but the few I've had started AFTER the new year began, and ended BEFORE the cold holiday season. And I hate the fact that I'm even thinking about this--I have friends and family, so I shouldn't complain.... but sometimes life stinks!

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