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Solstyce Calé
08 December 2004 @ 01:48 am
Transformer Dance!

I see a lot of Michael Jackson in those moves lol :)
Current Mood: amusedamused
Chanukah started Thursday night. I completely forgot. It feels like it doesnt exist anymore. When I was younger, my sister and I would get these black garbage bags with our gifts in them. We could pick one a night (for eight nights) or open them all up then. I can't remember what I did. Before the day to open presents, I would sneak in my parents closet (where the gifts usually were) and carefully open up the presents,,,peek at them and then retape them up again lol I wonder if my mom knew....

Anyways,,,another part of Hanukah (it has so many spellings) was the lighting of the menorah and the song

Oh Chanukah Oh Chanukah
Come light the menorah
lets have a party well all dance the horah
gather round the rable we'll give you a treat
I forget the word to play with levitah (is that what it was?) to eat
and while we are dancing the candles are burning low
One for each night they shed their sweet light to remind us of days of long ago

Now Chanukah is a check......
I miss it as it was back then...
I dont care if Chanukah isnt supposed to be big like Christmas... in my home growing up even tho the girst werent real expensive or anything... it did feel like a big holiday to me. It makes my inner child sad to see that it seems invisible.. and non existent to so many people. I feel sad when I see no Hanukah decorartions hung up at work or in stores or schools. My holdiday is imporant to. I am not religious at all but Chanukah I guess has one of the few warm and happy moments from my childhood associated with it and I dont want it to be invisible....

Thank the faeries for songs from Adam Sandler and even South Park,,it is hard to be a Jew on Christmas and even harder when it is not yet Christmas and your holiday is going on but noone knows or acknowledges it.....I feel rather five when I share my feelings here about Hanukah....