November 23rd, 2004


How old do you feel? Member Participation Needed:)

I feel often like I am not my age of 36 years. When I feel triggered I feel five. That is when someone does or says something that causes me to feel pain of the past as if I was back there. Most of the time when I am not doing counseling I feel 16. Quite often. I counsel tho I feel like an adult...cause I have to be.

What about you? What age are you and what age do you feel?
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welcome newbies :)

Welcome new members *hugs*. It makes me happy *bounce* that people are still joining. I hope this will be a safe place for you. I am trying my best. Feel free to write in here as long as it relates to the whole adultchild thang :) I hope people do not feel intimidated because I am now screening comments. I felt it was necessary after some people posted things so irrelevant and in a case nasty. This is not an exclusive club or a clique. I am trying my best to let people join who I feel in some way belong here...they may be adult survivors of abuse..they may be people who didnt fit in in school..maybe got teased...people who feel scared of being an adult or people who like toys still..... I still want the Queen of The Faeries Barbie ;)

So grab a bean bag chair and sit for a spell and share your stories (life and thoughts) with us all :)
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