September 26th, 2004


Hey, I'm new!

Hey, I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Dee. I'm 23 and permanently stuck in childhood in some good, some bad ways.

I'm currently financially dependant on my parents although I've lived away from home for a few years now. I find job hunting daunting and have only ever succeeded in keeping one job. I find bill paying complicated and banks intimidating. I find it hard to go anywhere alone. Travelling alone I only managed to overcome last year, when I had to. I went through a lot of stress (um, read had a few nervous breakdowns) when I was a teenager so at a time I should have been learning to cope with adulthood, was instead incapable of anything and had to be sheltered from it. Overcoming such things in small steps.

But some things remain in a healthy childishness - I collect Lego, which is an adult way of saying I love playing with Lego! It's completely theraputic to sprawl on the floor with my friends who span between my age and late forties, and build flying castles and mobile florists towed by headless motorcyclists. It's great fun to dress up the wooden giraffe we have in the corner and it's awesome fun to roll down hills till you throw up your dinner. I love playing with my friend's kids cause they have so many toy horses and I never stopped wanting to build show jumping courses out of coloured pencils and blocks. Perhaps I'll outgrow all that, but I seriously hope not :)

Anyways, that's me... :)