June 4th, 2004

5 vs 22

the 5yr old in me is angry at her father
and hates him for neglecting her
and hurting her mom
and making it so she has no food or money
and taking away her house.

the 22yr old in me loves him anyway.

the 5yr old in me is angry with her mother
and hates her for working too much even though she had to
and making her sit in smokey bars for days
and not feeding her
and not telling her why
and never letting her cry

the 22yr old in me loves her anyway.

I don't know if I've reached forgiveness yet... but I've gotten somewhere I suppose.

I still have resentments and anger but it is all back then... or from the perspective of the 5yr old. I hate them then but not now. We are all different people now. Maybe my 5yr old is starting to grow up a little.
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