September 4th, 2003

when i was little

my bf sez i am 15 and a half. apparently somewhere along the way, i lost 6 months. i used to feel 16 - but that changed. he sez it's cuz of my driving.
i remember one of the first days of school when we moved here and i was in the middle of 3rd grade. my mom made me wear dresses and girly stuff. i am/was such the tom-boy, still, i wore them cuz she's my mom and i was in 3rd grade.
there was this family who had all boys and one was in my grade. one day at school he just kept picking on me. i was wearing a dress that day. i got up on the bench near the rail where everyone would sit and act cool. i was new in the school. it had been a month or so and i really hadn't made that many friends. so ronnie kept taunting me, calling me names, saying bad things about my family and what not. i warned him to leave me alone. i told him to stop. i said it wouldn't be good for him to keep picking on me. then he either said or did something - and with my left hand coming out of nowhere, i hauled off and hit him so hard - he literally flew back and fell off the bench. not only did i give him a fat lip and a bloody nose, but he hit his head on the playground asphalt. and he was crying. everyone looked at me in awe.
i calmly stepped down from the bench and bent down to his face, saying "i told you not to pick on me."
then walked away.
when a teacher/yard duty lady came to see what had happened - everyone, including ronnie, all said that he fell on his own.
flash forward some 30 years and my kids are going to a pediatrician's office. one of the gals that works there - her then boyfriend was ronnie.
i laughed.
he's still a jerk.
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