October 19th, 2002


peeking out from between my fingers-please take poll

I have been afraid to post in this community I created. I have been swayed by some posts people have made and have tried to alter my vision of what this community is about. Being a people pleaser and all who often doubts her own opinion...that can happen easily. I have been not posting in here many things because I hear the echo in this cave I have created and sometimes it feels a lil lonely. I want to know there are still people peeking in and reading this... so in an effort to get people involved again, cause once this community did have regular posting by others, I have created a poll. It is only the third I have ever created so me hopes it is ok. I am still being affected by all that happened to me and I know I am not the only one so please let mme hear from you,,take the poll :)

Poll #68953 How Much Does Your Childhood Trauma Affect You?

Do you have a good relationship with your parents?

Have you lost friends due to childhood triggers you have had as an adult?

Have you been in abusive romantic relationships? (either mental, physical or negelctful)

How old are you and how old do you feel you usually act?

Are you currently receiving mental health counseling?

Do you get depressed alot?

Do you still bear scars from your abusive childhood that affect you today?(if your's was)

Do you keep alot of chilhood -like things around like dolls, toys,comics ect?

Are you friends with alot of younger people?

Why did you join this community?

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