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The Ubiquitous Ms. Dawngrove
My speech class requires us to do a very small research paper and a group presentation in which we role-play a conflict situation and the possible resolution of that conflict. My group chose sexual addiction as its topic.

I was supposed to be meeting with a girl from my group today at Cuyahoga Community College west because I do not have a printer, so she agreed to type out what I had written, and thus get out of her having to do much research herself. But she failed to show, which is why I now sit in the TAC.

The following is what I came up with, and am going to turn in. I just think that this is an interesting subject, and wanted to share what I have come up with, at least in part. It hits close to home with me in more ways than I am comfortable with, but hey, I am learning. Isn't that the point?
What it is to be a sexual addict...or so the books sayCollapse )
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