August 31st, 2001

just fishing around


When I was 7 I got tooken away from my parents. I went strait into a foster home. From there My sis and I were seperated. I then went from place to place and then it went to group home to group home. I finally ran away! been on my own since then. I was very young around 14. I lived with caring friends and made my way up to independency! I am now dooing very well on my own, along with continuing my education. I have a certain cry....It's for my parents. I miss them soo much it gets me depressed. I havn't seen my father since jan. and my mom since last year. It's not my fault. My dad is just a vagrant person, my mom has a chemical dependency prob. and my sister is so used to being solo that I am excluded in her life. When the holidays come and bithdays pass is when I get depressed. I hope to get over it soon! Thank god 4 the wonderful loving friends that I have.
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