August 6th, 2001

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Blood and Tears

bloodandtears (293811)
Name: drowning in sorrow
About: this community is for cutters and anyone else that abuses theirselves, physical, mental, or emotional. for people that can hardly stand to live, but do anyway. for people with mental problems. oh and no negative comments please.
Interests: bipolar, blood, border line, branding, burning, candles, cutting, darkness, death, depressed, depression, drugs, escape, fire, freak, freedom, graveyards, hate, hot wax, insanity, insomnia, love, mania, midnight, multilation, music, needles, night, open minded people, open mindness, pain, panic, panic attacks, piercings, poetry, psychology, razorblades, razors, roses, scarification, scars, self-abuse, self-expression, self-hate, smoke, stuff, suicidal, suicide, tattooing, tattoos, tears

if you feel like you belong come join us. its a place of understanding..and isnt that what were all looking for