July 19th, 2001


Please Respect The Community

"Please Respect The Community and Its Members"

This is a general notice. As administrator, creator, developer or whatever ya wanna call me, I feel it is necessary to state the following.

This community is about healing, child abuse, ptsd, being someone who feels still stuck in the child phase, just likes kid things or seeing the world through a child's eyes. It can be about inspriation, self soothing whatever helps one embrace or deal with being an adult child.

This is not a place to vent irrelevant issues. It is not a place to advertise or publicize something that has nothing to do with the concept of this community which is stated on its info page.

I have been so pleased to see people sharing feelings, playing, sending support to others. The community has become a warm place that I feel good posting in. My adultchild has felt quite nurtured here. As I can see it is for some of our members (not everyone posts).

When I come across things that have nothing to do with what this haven is about, I feel hurt. It feels disrespectful. Acidangel did not respect my wishes so I have deleted them from the friends list.

Maybe my child inside is being bratty I dont know but I am listening to her. I send a big *hug* to our members. This is not easy for me for I have a hard time letting people knwo my needs. It is hard to be assertive. It is hard to beleive I have a right to my feelings. I hope thsi community wont lose members because of my way of handling this sitaution but someones gotta be the grownup here for just a lil while so the kids can feel safe.
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when I was a little boy I would sometimes go to my room and cry and cry when something bad happened to me, or if I got in trouble...eventually I would feel better having just expelled all that negative energy, or whatever.

I've felt like doing it again a lot lately...gotta have some way to relieve stress sometimes.

too bad

I guess some people have such small egos they need to glorify themselves in someones community. Too bad. I thought some of the earlier writing was quite intelligent and good but now....its a shame that some people have no respect. They use their words to be a nusiance for others. Well you will continue to be deleted...I will not comment anymore on this silliness and utter waste of my time. I am sorry fellow community members for this idicoy. I dleted the posts but trust me they were not nice and were quite immature and basically said they dont give a crap they are infiltrating all teh communities. Acid angel is like a computer virus spreader. They (the other one) are enjoying bothering others...I coudl have a field day with this one being a therapist but I shall save it for people who desrve my time.
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I feel like a claustrophobic child trapped in the prison of my own body...
screaming incessantly attempting to releas the raging inferno inside of my soul. If not released this anger will eat me alive like a LION ravenous with hunger. I am screaming for help... nobody is listening... and the ones who are cannot hear me... and if they can, they cannot help me. The LION is already eyes its prey... preparing to pounce. It's too late I suppose, to supress this depression... this aggrivation... this fear within the very core of my being. I pound the walls with my fists...still no one hears. Why can't they see that I am in danger? Why can't they see that I might die? No matter hwo loud I CRY no one helps me. Just becaue I hid behind a mask; the face molded into a smile and stars painted on the eyes does not mean that I am smiling and that I am elated to be who I am. On the outside I am beautiful and happy, but on the inside... underneath the mask, I am ugly and furious. And the LION strangles me with its mighty jaws...And blood rich with emotion drips from his gigantic incisors... And the child rocks back and forth sitting on the damp ground in a fetal position from which it was born... And the child WEEPS... As the feline tears her apart. The salty tears cleanse her wound even though it is so very painful... And the child lies down to fall asleep, escaping the chaos. the LION licks his chops... And once again,
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