July 3rd, 2001


I am cross-posting this from my own Journal.

I went to the movies tonight.. Got tickets for swordfish and instead ducked into A.I.
Good Movie.. Saw most of it.. but I did something during the movie that was good.. Slept.

On the drive home the following came to me:
I am the key.... thats the simplest answer.
Only I alone can change and I alone can want the changes to happen.
I have many talents and some falults... I must concentrate more on the former and less on the latter..
In the past, I have done alot of good, for myself and for others. I must continue to be a good person while protecting myself from being used and preventing myself from hurting others.
I have alot more power and potential than most people will give me credit for.. and only I can use that to rise to levels that they say I couldn't achieve.
I must learn my limits, and those of others and follow them.
I must learn from the past and look towards the future. I must not dwell on simple problems or people when the answer is straight ahead.
I have to learn when its time to walk away from people, places, things and topics, even when its not in my best interest but in those who are involved.
I must question on if a coincidence is just that or history repeating itself and how can that effect me personally and those around me.
I must learn that even though a first impression is correct, sometimes outside interference might cloud that impression and that sometimes a second or more chance is necessary.
I must not always wait for somebody to tell me that I am right and to be the first to admit that I was wrong.
I must love my friends, and family, and most important of all, I must love myself.

1 simple letter... WOW... look at all the power.
My Journey begins.. A Quest... Not for you, or you.. or even YOU... but for I.

I also must know when Saying "I'm sorry" isnt enough and to take rejection when it happens..

I will add these to my palm pilot.. they have to be there to be my guide.

But only I can do it.
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Did anyone ever have nowhere to go to be alone so you made up one for yourself?

When I was little, I put two cardboard boxes together, one with the opening facing up and the other resting inside with the opening to the side. It made a sort of box with a hole. Then I would fill it with pillows and crawl inside, curled up in a little ball, and stay there for hours.

I wish I had some boxes now.
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