June 26th, 2001


mirror mirror

I was talking to bratshannon and it amazes me that we both went through similar experiences with being called ugly and stuff. It really leaves an impression and the uglys of the past sound so much louder than the pretties of today.

She is beautiful tho and so are all the children who were called dog ugly and caroaded. Kids call each other names for all kinds of reasons..usually when someone is different and it brings up their own insecurity they are threatneed by diferrent which means unique..shy..quiet...why dont they talk to me? They are different..i dont wanna be like that..i wanna fit in and be liked so they tease and they tease mercilessly

It hurts tho no matter what the reason and its so hard to believe really believe we are beautiful...to believe the looks arent disgust but admiration..time gets frozen and we are still six being called caroaded and still twelve being called ugly

even if we are thirty two and being called beauiful, cute and such

Its hard to not see what they told us we would see when we looked in the mirror

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL you just have to risk believing it

BIG HUGS to Brat Shannon for being so brave and posting her pic...

it takes reality testing to start to slowly erase the marks on the blackboard scratched by people of the past but we can and in time we wull actually believe the present about us and we will hear the positive and it will drown out the negative.
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