June 19th, 2001


Sliding again,

I took my son to a park this weekend that has a fairly large playground area. My son is almost two years old. He is old enough to desire to play on the big kids stuff, but his body isn't big enough for him to be able to safely. I tried various adult ways of being careful so he wouldn't get hurt but still allowing him freedom to play. It wasn't working too well, so I finally decided to hell with it... I was going to slide with him.

He and I slid down one of the slides several times. It was a tall metal slide, just almost exactly like the one we had at our elementary school. It brought back memories of the smell of sawdust and sweaty little hands, and the feeling of when gravity takes over and your falling back to earth. I used to love that slide. It was the highlight of my day, I think.

He had a great deal of fun and always ran back to the steps so we could go down again. When we stopped for a break and walked back to the pavillion where my husband and his mother were, my mother in law curtly informed me that there was a sign stating ppl over fourteen can't be on the equipment...

Why is there always that irritating adult just waiting to ruin your fun? No matter how old you are, I guess some things never change.....
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I am new here and probably still considered a child (I am 18) but I want to be part of this group because I am more child-like than adult-like. I still love to color, play with stuffed animals, read picture books out loud, play on playgrounds, and all that fun stuff.

*gives everyone a huge hug*
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