June 18th, 2001


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its so hard to be a kid anymore :(

Central Coast news briefs

SANTA MARIA, Calif. (AP) -- Three girls aged 7 to 9 have been ordered to shut down their front yard snow cone stand.

An ice cream vendor's tip brought orders from the Santa Barbara County Environmental Health Services to halt snow cone sales. The popular flavored snow cones went for 50 cents. The ice cream man apparently didn't want the competition.

"I am sensitive to the children, but this has gone beyond the traditional lemonade stand," health inspector Richard Furtado said, noting there was no refrigeration and flavoring was sitting out in the sun. "There is a potential hazard of illness."

The health inspector told the girls they could operate the stand "once or twice during the summer," but not every day.

The moneymaking venture thus ended for sisters Stephanie Guizar, 7, and Audrey Guizar, 9, and neighbor Matti Santos, 9. The stand was operating on the Santos front lawn.

"It is really sad," mother Nora Guizar said.
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