June 4th, 2001


Thanks to Me

  • for showing myself some kindness inside
  • for eating a healthy breakfast
  • for getting seven hours of sleep
  • for listening to music that thrills me
  • for calling up friends and my sister when I needed them
  • for not giving up on me
  • for working hard
  • for being me no matter what
  • for removing people from my life that are negative for me
  • for believing my friends love me
  • for curling my hair this morning
  • for wearing clothes that make me feel good
  • for being determined to pass this licensing exam and for agreeing with myself to take it again so soon after
  • for trying to find the value of life as a single woman-we are working on this one together
  • for recognizing the need to achieve balance in my life
  • for continuing to create art and poetry
  • for liking myself a lil more each day (well at least more than i used to)
  • for recognizing my strengths instead of only my weaknessess
  • for trying to believe in me as hard as that is sometimes
  • for letting myself watch two hours of Mysteries and Scandals on E last night
  • for writing my feelings on hear no matter what they are even if it may turn people away
  • for seeking help when I have been very sick
  • for trying to see into tomorrow when today is very painful

  • For growing stronger everyday and surviving an abusive past and for recognizing I dont need to let myself be hurt anymore..especially by me
  • For knowing I am strong.
  • Current Music
    lost property-divine comedy